Interview: Meet Ilebere 'Aberu Okalebo' who has taken Social media by storm

Posted on Apr 09, 2020
By Admin

Atekit Rose popularly known as Ilebere has taken social media by storm with her comic and educative videos. She had an exclusive chat with Sultan Ali (Teso Vibez Reporter)


Qn.  Who is Ilebere?


Answer: Ilebere is Atekit Hellen Rose, Atesot from Serere district but grew up from from Kumi district.


Qn: Is she married in real life?


Answer: She is not  married but has a baby girl.


Qn: How often do you record your videos?


Answer: I record them twice a week


Qn: What’s the feedback from the public?


Answer: The public appreciates my work, encourages me alot and advise me to continue with my comedy because it consists of educative words.


Qn: Which video made people know you?


Answer: My first Video, Okalebo arai mam ijo igwelakini eong eguwe lo ebaga adaun Edukone


Qn: Do you plan to take comedy as serious career?


Answer: Yes please, my dream is to become one of Teso’s professional comedian


Qn: What do you do apart from comedy?


Answer: Am currently operating my small business


Qn: Your final remarks for the fans?


Answer: I love them so much and I plan to give them the best educative message full of fun. So you will enjoy the comedy as you learn.


Qn: How can people connect with you?


Answer: Get me on facebook and Youtube, Just search for Atekit Rose

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