NRM still controls Serere County - Mukula Speaks out on Serere by-elections

Posted on Feb 24, 2023
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By Nathan Eyagu 


The National Vice chairperson of the NRM party, Capt Mike Mukula has explained that the National Resistance Movement party (NRM) is still in control of Serere County and District too although the party candidate didn't make it through the by-elections parliamentary race.


Mukula who was interviewed earlier today by one of the national media explained that there was no division during the by-elections rather the will of the people though the race was amongst the NRM.


"NRM had collected over 35,000 votes among the NRM candidates , NRM controls Serere county and the district as now that we have independent candidate Omoding who NRM is still leading", 


"In 2021, when we had bishop Okabe who failed in the party primaries who decided to run as an independent after raising irregularities, he won the elections and our flag bearer became number 2 and then third with Onguruco",


Mukula further added that his decision of not participating in the recently concluded Serere County by-elections was because he had conflict of interest as the late was his friend thus writing to the president not to let him be on ground.


"We are the commanders on the ground will go and bring the people together as Serere is the victory of NRM", he added.


Independent Candidate Emmanuel Omoding won the race after garnering 15,638 votes while FDC's Emmanuel Eratu garnered 1,252 votes,ANT's Alice Alaso garnered 3,335 votes,IND candidate Martine Onguruco garnered 2,523 votes and NRM's Philip Oucor garnered 13,206 votes.


Emmanuel Omoding has replaced his late father Patrick Okabe who died in a motor accident.

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