Soroti City to host another belated women's day celebrations

Posted on May 22, 2023
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By Nathan Eyagu



SOROTI- Drama is yet again to unfold in Soroti City a head of the belated women's day celebrations organised by the city leadership that are to be celebrated on Friday at Soroti Sports ground.


According to Damali Asekenye the Soroti city Community Development Officer(CDO) and officer in charge preparations for the belated women's day celebrations are on high gear.


According to Damali, the recent belated day for the celebration was postponed by the committee after the proposed budget wasn't realized and the speaker of Parliament who was the Chief guest had not yet confirmed her presence.


"The guest of honor has finally confirmed, the celebration will be on Friday, 26th,2023 and preparations are on high gear and as soroti city we have never celebrated the day",


While replying to why the city woman MP wasn't made the chief guest of the day, she added that ,"It's not a must for the area woman MP to be the guest of honor as she is our vice chairperson in the organizing committee and her task was to write to the MP informing her about the function but she didn't so the information got back to the committee thus

the deputy mayor later wrote the letter that has already been confirmed by the speaker and the women are currently writing concept notes that will be handed over to the speaker that day and she will forward them above and being a speaker, she is a role model and will inspire many",


She further described the recent belated women's day celebrations where senior politician Cecilia Ogwal who was the chief guest was blocked by security as one that was stage managed as politics was involved.


Damali further said that there will be a beehive of activities that day as women celebrate their belated day.


However, it should be noted that the Soroti city woman MP, Acom Joan Alobo during a press conference held today said the second belated women's day celebrations being organized was stage managed as the celebrations were successful completed on the 14th,April,2023 that she organized describing as a unique one in the country although security interrupted it.


"I have written to the city clerk and PCDO ( principal community development officer) tasking them that the money that government sent for the women's day celebrations worth 3m ugx be divided amongst women groups so that they uplift their income",


Hon.Alobo also added that, "The next celebration is next year and a date will be communicated, I don't want anybody to deceive the public that their is another women's day celebrations ,if there is any technical person including the RCC or any politician who wants to have a party or party after party on their personal finances,they are welcome to do so i I want my people in Soroti city not to be deceived by people of selfish interest", 


She further added that during the last meeting by the organizing committee attended by her representative,the RCC of Soroti city ,Peter Pex Paak is on record saying that he will never allow any member of the opposition to preside over a national function and if they want to do so then they should as take over power as the intention to invite the speaker of Parliament is because they want her to give them dollars and the balance shared amongst them selves as the organizing committee.


She further added that Soroti women are being used for making money calling upon the doctors to check and find out if truly the RCC is a male or female as he is getting involved in the women issues in the city.


"The speaker is on record after 14th, April who is being invited as the chief guest is not aware and is not in any communication with anybody in Soroti being invited as the chief guest and while in Parliament said that any organization to do with women's day celebrations, the woman MP must be number one key on the organization, ruled and said that the woman MP is the chief guest of her women's day celebrations ",


She further called upon the religious leaders to intervene in the situation as leaders are fighting in the city, technical staff undermining elected leaders pointing out that what Damali and Peter Pex did is wrong.

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