Police deploy heavily in Soroti City ahead of planned opposition protest against belated women's day celebrations

Posted on May 26, 2023
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


SOROTI - Police in east Kyoga territory have deployed heavily early this morning in Soroti city a head of a planned demonstration led by the Soroti city woman MP Acom Joan Alobo.


According to reports, the Woman MP called upon the public not to attend the belated women's day celebrations organised by some city heads pointing out that the city once had a celebration that took place on 14th, April,2023 that was blocked by security.


According to SP Ageca Oscar Gregg the PRO of East Kyoga in a press conference, they received credible information of a planned match to undermine the celebrations to mark international women's day celebrations set to take place at Soroti Sports ground today,Friday, May 26, 2023. 


"We want to inform the organizers of the said match that the celebration to mark international women's day was picked by Soroti women's council in mirror of how it's conducted at the national level and as such the Uganda Police is duty bound to secure and treat the event with the esteem it deserves",


He further cautioned the public and the organizers of such a match that it goes against the grain of the law, and that it contravenes the legal regimes that governs public processions and assemblies as the use of illegal processions has a potential of massively disrupting the other rights of the community, disrupting business, disrupting the flow of traffic, breaching of public peace and tranquility, thefts and pickpocketing and disruption of road side market shops, and running battles with security personnel etc.


Ageca also explained that the police, will use their discretionary powers in policing any unlawful assembly or match thereof. 


"The police of Soroti City have been tasked to remain vigilant and use all lawful and reasonable methods to disperse and disrupt any unlawful assembly or match should any actors decide to disrupt a nationally recognized function to celebrate international women's day.

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