Lyrical Jersy Reveals Shocking Details of Jozelha's Attempt to Use Him for Song Promotion

Posted on May 06, 2024
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By Nathan Eyagu


In a recent revelation that has sent shockwaves through the music industry, singer Lyrical Jersy has publicly condemned blogger turned singer Jozelah de Arrow Gal for allegedly exploiting him to promote her upcoming song.


The controversy unfolded during an interview held in Soroti city last Saturday, where Lyrical Jersy candidly expressed his dismay at Jozelah's actions, accusing her of seeking clout without prior consultation.


According to Lyrical Jersy, Jozelah's rushed attempt to utilize his platform for her gain was not only disrespectful but also indicative of a larger issue within the industry. The singer revealed that Jozelah had failed to inform him in advance, instead opting to hastily post promotional material without his consent.


The situation escalated further when Lyrical Jersy played a WhatsApp voice note during the interview, purportedly from Jozelah de Arrow Gal, wherein she expressed interest in leveraging him for violence to boost the promotion of her upcoming song titled "Apil".


In the voice note, Jozelah is heard mentioning a list of artists she considered for this purpose, expressing a preference for Lyrical Jersy over another artist named Jkainns whom she doesn't like.


Reacting strongly to the voice note, Lyrical Jersy vowed not to remain silent in the face of attacks on his partner, singer Lucky Merab, emphasizing that she should not be dragged into any controversy without reason.


He passionately defended her talent, asserting that she surpasses many other female singers in the industry.The fallout from Lyrical Jersy's revelations has left Jozelah de Arrow Gal embroiled in controversy, with social media ablaze following the accusations.


The incident underscores broader concerns about exploitation and unethical practices within the music industry, prompting calls for greater transparency and accountability.As the controversy continues to unfold, it serves as a sobering reminder of the complexities and challenges facing artists in an increasingly competitive and cutthroat industry.


Only time will tell how this latest scandal will impact the careers of those involved and whether it will catalyze meaningful change within the music community.

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