Okadibong President Urges Teso Community to Pray for Youth's Well-being

Posted on May 11, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


TESO - Opio Admin, the founding president of the Okadibong Foundation, representing party crushers or uninvited guests, has appealed to the community in Teso to pray for its young people.


This request follows the recent loss of four prominent youths within one month.


Opio believes it’s time for the community to wake up and invest in the younger generation, as they are the ones who will carry Teso forward.


He pointed out that Teso has faced many challenges in its history, such as cattle raids, insurgencies, and natural disasters. These difficulties have had a lasting impact, especially on education. There has been a consistent decline in academic performance in primary and secondary schools. Additionally, there's a concerning rate of child marriages, currently at 31%, emphasizing the need for renewed attention to the youth.


Opio emphasized that the elders of Teso, who have traditionally held wisdom and knowledge, are aging. There's a worry about who will uphold Teso's legacy in the future.


He stressed the importance of supporting youth growth and development through prayers and practical initiatives. These include improving education quality, enhancing school facilities, and providing training for teachers. Opio believes fostering a positive view of education among parents and implementing effective school management systems are crucial.


While acknowledging the value of elders' wisdom, Opio emphasized that the youth hold Teso's future. By waking up and praying for the younger generation, the community can ensure Teso's legacy continues to thrive.


He concluded by calling for collective efforts in nurturing future Teso leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

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