Hundreds of Muslims in Soroti city celebrate Eid al-Fitr

Posted on May 03, 2022
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By Teso Vibez Reporter


The Prayers marked the end of Ramadan, the holiest of months for Muslims. One of the five pillars of Islam, fasting is prescribed for all Muslims, with the exception of the young and sick. 


From sunrise to sunset, those fasting restrain from drinking and eating. Instead, Muslims concentrate on improving their spirituality and building their relationship with God, their families and the community.


Member of Parliament Soroti city East Hon Moses Attan Okia who shared the prayers with the Muslim community said that marking of the holly Ramadan signifies repentance and forgiveness. A reason he had to make sure he stands with the Muslim community.


“I come with humility, I came to say thank you. I am in a number of challenges and they know they have been helping me with prayers and their prayer encouraged me. I have recognized a number of challenges in my sharing with them and we shall see how best we can support them with a number of projects. In all the mosques within the city, we shall sit and agree with their leaders and have at least a project” he said.


 These projects will target all categories and aimed at improving income-generating activities.


Attan was not alone, the woman MP Soroti City Hon. Joan Alobo Achom nicknamed (Hajjat Fathuma) was also present and she pledged to support the Muslims community with various projects.


“It was a good experience today and I would request that the Christians community also accord the Muslim brothers and sisters the best audience that they always give us when we are celebrating our holy days as Christians” she said.


Alobo noted that together with her counterpart MP Soroti City East Moses Attan they will meet the Muslim leaders and discuss best ways of supporting them.


“For now I have started with a project of supporting pregnant mothers giving them basins, overalls and baby blankets. Others will come according to their demand” she said.

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