SERERE DECIDES: Am coming to Change Serere, says Late Okabe's Son

Posted on Jan 12, 2023
By Admin

The Son to late Serere County MP Hon Patrick Okabe, Emmanuel Omoding has said that he is coming to make Serere a model County, a dream his father had hoped to see while still alive.


Omoding made the remarks last weekend while meeting various Patrick Okabe Foundation group leaders across the constituency.


According to Omoding, his late father's dream and hope to make Serere a model County is still standing and through him Serere will surely attain desired change.


Omoding who also used the same gatherings to tell the voters his interest to run for the race to replace his father said that all the projects that his father started will proceed as planned.


Late Okabe while alive initiated projects including; Patrick Okabe Foundation that majorly focused on village savings and a total of 162 groups were formed.


"I am going to continue from where my father stopped, i will be in a position to speak to my friends in Australia to support me to change this County. We must save money in order to chase away poverty and if we have money in our households, it will be easy for us to handle other basic needs," Omoding said.


"When Papa was alive he used to tell me to come home and work for you and here I am ready to work with you and develop you. Several things are going to change in this place," Omoding added.


He also challenged voters never to trust political propagandists who are claiming that he is not a registered Ugandan and voter.


On the other hand Omoding has called for calm amongst his supporters as they await the decision of the NRM Party on Tuesday.


Richard Emanio the coordinator for Okabe Foundation also said that there is a need to elect a person who will continue financing the SACCO's and other projects late Okabe left.

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