Katakwi Town Council Authorities to relocate over 100 undeveloped plots

Posted on Nov 15, 2023
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By Richard Onapatum


Authorities in Katakwi town council in Katakwi district have given undeveloped plots owners a three-month ultimatum to develop their plots, if not, they will be relocated to new developers.


This is a move aimed at uplifting the beauty of Katakwi Town.


In an interview with our reporter, Katakwi town clerk, Joseph Okure Okot confirmed that his office has given three months to the plot owners who have failed to develop their plots leaving the town ugly.


Okure asked those who can’t develop the plot, to give it to those who can do what is needed by the authorities.


“As a town clerk my happiness is to see development in the town, that’s how my work can be evaluated”, said Okure


Okure adds that after writing to the town council, they were directed to write letters to plot owners that are undeveloped and bushy to give them an agreed time for the cause of action.


“If you rate yourself unable to develop your plot give it out to interested developers”, he appealed


The town clerk adds that his office has already identified over 100 plots that will be up for grabs.


He noted that By next week undeveloped plots, majorly along the Soroti-Moroto main road, Amuge Road, Ilemukorit Road, and Odongo JJ Road are going to be compiled and the list will be hung in public places.


“We are going to give 3 months time to owners to comply, we shall also request UNRA to come and demolish all structures that had already been compensated so people can evacuate the funny available structures along the recently constructed  Soroti-Moroto main road,” said Okure


Meanwhile, the LCIII Katakwi town Zadoki Akutu said, they are going to use the land act to relocate plots.


“After owning a plot for ten years without developing it, the law allows for relocation which I will spearhead,” said Akutu.


He also has pleaded, with the plot owners to keep cleaning their plots.


Meanwhile, The Woman MP for Katakwi district, Jesicca Alupo, who is also a resident of Katakwi town council and owns plots in the town recently pleaded with the town authorities to give them time to put up structures on their plots.


“I actually received a very hot letter in January from the town clerk town council, giving me a three-month ultimatum to develop the plots, I thought he was targeting me alone,” Said Alupo


On behalf of all the undeveloped plot owners, the Vice President requested the authorities to take them slowly, we will develop the plots, I know we need a beautiful town council but we have challenges beyond human control.


“My considerate opinion is that you invite us to your office, tell us one on one, the letter is so scary, myself I never slept for two days”, said Alupo


The Vice President stressed that it's not the will of people to leave their plots undeveloped.


Undeveloped plots will mean where roads, water supply, street lighting, drainage, sewerage, public works, and other conveniences have not been made available.


It is necessary that the plot owner provides this infrastructure and obtains a ‘completion certificate’ from the concerned local body/ service agency before he would be allowed to dispose of serviced housing plots.

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