Gulu Slay Queen confiscates clothes of client that refused to pay for the 'Service'

Posted on Apr 03, 2024
By Admin


GULU - Acholi Sub-region once again finds itself in the spotlight as a video surfaced online early Tuesday morning, captivating netizens across Northern Uganda. The footage showcased a heated altercation between a woman and a man regarding payment for services rendered.


In the video making rounds on social media, a woman is seen engaged in a passionate dispute with a man's clothing in a room after he allegedly failed to meet his financial obligations following intimate relations with her.


Shockingly, the altercation escalated as the woman resorted to unconventional means to demand her due compensation.Witnesses were stunned as the woman resorted to slapping her own genitalia, emphasizing that the man had already "used" her and therefore owed her payment.


The resounding slaps reverberated in the video, leaving viewers puzzled and questioning the circumstances.Amidst the exchange of heated words, the woman adamantly refused to return the man's clothing until she received payment for the services she claimed to have provided.


Despite the woman being visible in the video, the man's identity remains elusive. However, their conversation in Luo suggests a probable connection to the Acholi community in Gulu city.


As speculation mounts and discussions ensue, the viral video has sparked a flurry of reactions and inquiries within the local community, yet identities remain undisclosed.


Credit to Lira Sqoop 

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