Arrow Gal Labels Jkainns and Lyrical Jersy 'Music Adoloscents'

Posted on May 01, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


Jozelha De Arrow Gal, known for her hit "Akweny," ignited controversy this week by publicly criticizing fellow musicians Jkainns and Lyrical Jersy, labeling them as adolescent voices not worth considering in Teso's music landscape. 


In a bold declaration, Jozelha expressed that the only opinion she values is that of legendary singer Yonachan Lee whom she describes as a "lion" dismissing any input from "adolescent boys" like Jkainns and Lyrical Jersy.


She also emphasized this stance in a social media post, urging anyone with feedback to channel it through Yonachan Lee.


Furthermore, Jozelha positioned herself as a queen within the industry, suggesting she only respects the perspectives of kings. However, the motive behind her remarks remains ambiguous, with speculation suggesting it could be a strategic move to drum up attention ahead of her upcoming song release titled "April" on May 18th.


The incident sheds light on the escalating conflicts within Teso's music scene, with artists increasingly engaging in public confrontations via social media platforms.

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