Drama Unfolds as City Babe Accuses DJ Kalz of Financial Deception

Posted on May 09, 2024
By Admin

The X social media platform is ablaze with controversy as Namitala Sophia Lumu, known as @Lumusophie, accuses renowned DJ Moses Ochalang, alias Deejay Kalz, of financial exploitation.


Lumu, a seller of body sprays and perfumes, claims that Kalz took advantage of her earnings under the pretext of love, continuously soliciting favors.


According to Lumu, Kalz frequently appealed to her affection, yet his requests always entailed financial assistance. In Luganda, she passionately expressed her grievances, detailing instances where she felt manipulated into providing money, only for it to be distributed amongst Kalz's other acquaintances.


In response to Lumu's accusations, numerous X users demanded evidence, prompting her to share WhatsApp screenshots as proof. Despite this, Lumu persisted in her demand for restitution, lamenting the emotional toll of being labeled foolish and gullible.


Expressing her frustration, Lumu disclosed a particularly distressing incident where Kalz purportedly requested a large sum of money for his car's bond, which she refused to provide after assistance from another source. She condemned Kalz's actions as deceitful and heartbreaking, cautioning others against similar experiences.


Meanwhile, DJ Kalz maintained a composed demeanor, attributing Lumu's outcry to matters of the heart rather than financial impropriety. He urged followers to discern when to exit challenging situations, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness in all aspects of life.


As the saga unfolds, it sparks a broader conversation about trust, integrity, and accountability in interpersonal relationships, resonating with audiences navigating the complexities of modern romance and online interactions.


A number of X users, particularly males, have rallied behind Kal, advising him not to repay Lumu, arguing that her allegations have already tarnished his reputation. This further fuels the ongoing debate surrounding Lumu's accusations and the implications for both parties involved.

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