One Million Wells Partners with Soroti MPs to Tackle Water Scarcity

Posted on May 24, 2024
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By Nathan Eyagu 


SOROTI- One Million Wells, an international organization, together with Soroti city MPs, have embarked on a mission to combat the severe water crisis in Soroti city.


This initiative was unveiled during the handover of the first boreholes drilled in Amen A and B wards in Soroti city west. The event was attended by city woman MP Joan Alobo, West Division MP Jonathan Ebwalu, and a team from One Million Wells.


For a long time, the rural wards of Soroti city west have faced a significant water crisis. The existing water sources are open and shared with animals and wild birds, leading to frequent outbreaks of waterborne diseases.


According to Daniel Egimu, the operations director of One Million Wells in Uganda, the organization is committed to drilling one million wells globally. They plan to work closely with MPs and other organizations to support well drilling, focusing on areas close to existing water sources.


He also noted that the cost of one borehole ranges between 7-8 million UGX. Through the partnership with the legislators, the most affected communities will gain access to safe drinking water, thus reducing waterborne diseases thus urging the community to form committees to fence the water sources and monitor their usage to address any issues promptly.


"We know there are several water crises, and boreholes may not reach the city center, but the village cells will definitely have water. I urge the people of these areas to protect the water sources. One of our tasks is to lobby, and this is what we have managed to bring on board," said Joan Alobo, the city woman MP.


"We have initiated the project at Amen ward and hope to move to other rural wards around the city. We appreciate One Million Wells for reaching out to us as water is a major concern. I urge the community to protect it and ensure funds are available for maintenance," added Jonathan Ebwalu, the MP for Soroti West.


Isaac Asaka, the councilor of Soroti city west division, expressed his gratitude for the initiative, noting the challenge of accessing water in Amen due to unreliable piped water. He also mentioned that although city authorities do not permit boreholes in the city center, having them in rural parts of the city will benefit more than 4,000 people.


Beneficiaries' Testimonials


"We are happy for the borehole as we have been fetching water from open sources without knowing its safety. We appreciate the leaders and the organization for coming to our rescue," said Obata Kokas.


"Water has been distant, but now with it being near, it's easier. We appreciate the organization and the leaders for their great support," added Aleu Salume.

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