OPINION: Government's Handling of Teso Factory: A Betrayal of Public Trust

Posted on Jun 07, 2024
By Admin

How can the government proceed with such a critical project without the full participation of stakeholders? It's absurd! Have we, the Iteso, become so naive as to let this happen?


If the government has failed to support our local farmers, how can they expect businessmen and women to succeed?


We, the people of Teso, elected our representatives to fight for our interests. Are we aware of the consequences of losing control over government ventures like this?


Just last year, Hon. Oukor Philip and Hon. David Abala attempted to address this issue at Vision Group, but the government reaffirmed its decision to run the factory shortly after.


I'm disappointed in our Teso journalists association for not taking a keen interest in this matter. We, the Iteso, should not be so consumed by politics that we neglect pressing issues like this. It's a shame on the fourth estate and our current leadership.


Asking tough questions is not opposing the government; it's holding them accountable. I urge our Teso fourth estate to take a keen interest in this matter from start to finish. Who came up with the policy of establishing this factory in Teso?


Was the policy thoroughly screened? What were the recommendations, and have they been implemented to the letter?


Let us demand answers and hold our leaders accountable."


The writer is Omoding Herbert Olaboro, popularly known as OMO, an opinion writer,a politician who previously contested for the Member of Parliament seat in Soroti City East under the NRM ticket.





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