MP Achayo Enhances Educational Facilities in Ngora with 120 Million Investment

Posted on Jun 07, 2024
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By Nathan Eyagu 


NGORA : The staff house constructed by Juliet Achayo Lodou, the Ngora County Member of Parliament, at Tiling Gawa Primary School in Kobuin Sub-County was commissioned on Thursday.


Achayo Lodou stated that it cost her 120 million UGX to build the duo teachers' house and expressed her happiness in commissioning and handing it over to the school for teachers to occupy.


Achayo mentioned that this was part of the pledge she made to the people of Tiling while campaigning in the 2021 general elections. She emphasized that the construction of the new teachers' house and other facilities was aimed at improving the school's infrastructure and academic outcomes.


"I witnessed teachers coming from their distant homes and reaching school late, which affects syllabus coverage and leads to poor performance. With this structure, two teachers can now occupy it and comfortably deliver work to the pupils entrusted to them," Achayo said.


Moises Mathew Ochung, the Ngora District Education Officer, noted that this was a significant achievement as the teachers residing in it would have no excuses for arriving late.


"I would request the head teacher to allocate it to teachers who live far away because they struggle with riding to school every day and arrive exhausted," Ochung said.


John Stephen Ekoom, the Ngora Resident District Commissioner who presided over the function, challenged the people of Ngora County to maintain Achayo as their Member of Parliament if they wish to benefit more from her kindness and able leadership.


Ekoom remarked that leaders like Achayo, who are devoted to serving their electorates and are accessible, are rare.


"The resources which your Member of Parliament has invested in the past three years have fulfilled more than 90% of her personal manifesto. As a central government representative, I am committed to monitoring all the projects Achayo has initiated here that supplement government programs," Ekoom said.


Charles Obelon, the LC3 Chairperson of Ngora Sub-County, praised Achayo for her contributions that lower local governments could not handle, such as supporting SACCO groups, women, and other youth groups by funding their enterprises.


"Tiling Gawa Primary School is not the only beneficiary. Our MP has supported a number of schools, and it is now our challenge as leaders to ensure school administrators play their roles," Obelon said.


What the Beneficiaries Say:


Sarah Atukei, one of the parents, stated that what Achayo has done for them can only be repaid by God, as it would not have been easy for parents to raise 120 million UGX for the teachers' house and latrines.


Schools Supported by Achayo in Ngora County:


- Gawa Primary School: Supported by Achayo before her election as MP

- Kadok Community School: Two classes roofed by Achayo

- Katukubui Primary School: Two classes roofed by Achayo

- Aciisa Primary School: 100 iron sheets donated by Achayo for an eco-tank to help in water storage

- St. Aloysius Primary School: Cement donated by Achayo, and she pledged to roof one block

- Agora Seed Secondary School: Supported by Achayo with 3,800,000 UGX for construction

- Ngora New School: Supported by Achayo in the completion of fencing to keep away intruders

- Apama Primary School: Two-in-one teachers' houses funded by Achayo, and she facilitated the PLE registration of pupils from Apama to a tune of 1,500,000 UGX

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