Teso-Karamoja Promoter Drags Jose Chameleone to Court

Posted on Feb 20, 2023
By Admin

The spirit of darkness continues hoovering around the Leone Island boss who is yet to hold a mighty concert dubbed "Gwanga Mujje" in the capital Kampala on Friday 24th February.


A lot of happenings have since left many with negative spells directed upon legendary singer Jose Chameleon whose first attempt to hold the "Gwanga Mujje" concert went to waste after the gigantic stage that took days to be built was brought down in a blink of an eye by the heavy rain pour together with the strong wind that occurred on the same day he was meant to hold the concert thus leaving him in huge loses.


Chameleone who is yet to have his second attempt at holding the "Gwanga Mujje" concert on the 24th has yet again received a backlash from Teso-Moroto Promoter identified as Ashraf Kirya of Mulla Entertainment who dragged him to court after registering huge losses following a show that was organized in Moroto but later the Singer never turned up.


Mulla Ent having gone through a series of plans to see through that the "wale wale" event he had organized in Moroto goes smoothly with lots of adverts on radios and drives, stage set up and others attracted hundreds of people across Karamoja and the neighboring countries but to their disappointment, the singer never showed up at his own show, and instead made an appearance at the Spice Diana show in Lugogo.


Mulla who was so frustrated decided to pay a flight ticket for the single to fly to Moroto like a king which also didn't yield results thus registering losses.


According to the Elgon Advocates letter dated 14th, February 2023, the clients who had paid to attend the event were seriously beaten up by the angry mob thus leaving one toothless.


Although Chameleon later posted on his wall that he missed his flight, Chameleon's manager on a phone call with Mulla testified that Chameleon was at home sleeping.


“On January 13, 2023, we called Chameleone’s manager and he told us that the artiste was at his home sleeping. Therefore, it’s not true that he wasn’t in Uganda,” Mulla said.


"We were expecting a lot of people to attend that event. Some came from Sudan, Kenya and others came from the neighboring districts, but they never got a chance to see Chameleone perform for them.”


In the same letter, Chameleon has been requested to solve the matter amicably with Mulla Ent by paying a fee of about UGX 150m of damages within 4 days or face legal action that includes but not limited to instituting both a civil suit for breach of contract and a criminal case for obtaining money by false pretense at his own cost and peril.


It should also be noted that the hotel ( Moroto Resort Hotel ) where the event was taking place from cost Mulla Ent about 5m ugx to hire and through their director wrote to the promoter a demand note reminding him to clear a specified amount of money for the loses that they incurred after the crowd turned crazy as they destroyed hotel property thus tarnishing the hotel's reputation.





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