Wife storms church to stop husband from marrying another woman

Posted on Jul 03, 2023
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Comedy and drama was witnessed in a church wedding ceremony in Kireka, Kamuli road after a woman and her children stormed the church to stop the groom from marrying another woman.


The church proceedings turned chaotic when the woman and her daughters attacked the couple in an attempt to halt the matrimony.


The incident took place at St. Peter’s Kamuli Church of Uganda, where Ivan, a well-known businessman who owns a pork joint off Kamuli road, was set to marry his new partner.


All was going smoothly but as soon as the priest asked if there was anyone who had any objections to the holy marriage of the two lover birds when woman in her 50s, accompanied by her daughters in their 20s, stood up and presented a letter from the police station, claiming that Ivan was still legally married and had children.


Despite their interruption, the wedding continued, but the situation turned violent as the daughters attacked their father, turning the church into a boxing ring.


The church administration eventually ordered the woman and her daughters to leave, and heavy security was deployed to ensure the safety of the couple and restrict access to the premises.


According to a source close to Ivan, he had been married to his girlfriend, who was previously his employee, for over 15 years. The source revealed that the conflict with Ivan’s former wife began when she had a child with another man, leading to their separation.


It was reported that Ivan had a customary marriage with his former wife, which she believed made their marriage official and prevented him from marrying someone else. 


However, according to Ugandan law, customary and civil marriages require a religious wedding to be considered complete.


Even with the intervention from Ivan’s old family, the couple managed to exchange vows and later held a reception under heavy security thus leaving onlookers questioning why the family members had not confronted Ivan at his workplace instead of disrupting the wedding ceremony.


The majority of the attendees at the church were Ivan’s colleagues from his pork joint and supporters from the bride’s side.


The incident left many people wondering about the reasons behind such intense interference in the couple’s wedding ceremony and criticized the children for disrespecting their father by siding with their mother.


Source: Nation times 

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