30-Year-Old Single TikToker Cries Uncontrollably for not having a husband and child

Posted on Aug 29, 2023
By Admin

Each and everyday, a number of people fast and pray hard to have partners and later get families while those who are blessed continue messing up their relationships not knowing that getting a trustworthy partner is as hard as chewing aloe Vera plant.


In a video shared by one of the TikTokers that has since made rounds on social media, the 30 years old is heard lamenting and asking her self why no man hasn't yet proposed to her at her age.


In a heart wrenching video, the lady is seen and heard listening to a worship song while shedding hot tears despite having full makeup on her face that was being washed away in bits by unmeasurable tears down her cheeks while singing along to the song "Alone" by Neeja.


She however asked if it was still possible for her to find love because she had been searching for it for a long period of time.


Despite being open-hearted towards men, she said she remains single and has failed to fail deeply in love.


"Let my man come see me crying on TikTok ," she captioned the video

"I've been listening to this song but this one hits me so hard. 30 years old. No husband, no child, no family yet", she further lamented.


A number of TikTok users however came out to advise and calm down the lady as they shared their different experiences about their relationship journeys. 


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