Why Robert Kyagulanyi's visit to Soroti city was postponed

Posted on Sep 02, 2023
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By Nathan Eyagu


The visit of the NUP party president Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine to Soroti city that was expected to happen on 06th of this month during his nationwide tour where he was expected to open up the party office and mobilize support has been postponed till further notice by the regional party leadership.


The decision to change the program was made by the team during an indoor meeting as members needed enough time with the party president as it wouldn't be easy with the case if he visited two cities on the same day. 


According to George William Okoit, a mobilizer of NUP in Soroti city during the meeting with other party delegates on Friday,1st of September at their office in Soroti city, the change came after the review of the time and program of the party president’s agenda that had some congestions. 


He added that, in the first agenda, Kyagulanyi was supposed to visit Mbale and proceed to Soroti on the same date which would give the people of Teso limited time to tell the party President the status of the party leadership in Teso and challenges thus prompting them to appeal to the top management to organize another day for the Party president to have a special visit to the region. 


The visit according to Okoit will be scheduled after the party president returns from his Canada trip thus challenging all the people to turn up in big numbers to listen to the manifesto and good information that their party president has for them. 


Denis Erionu, the Youth Chairperson Soroti, also stated that the coming of Kyagulanyi to Teso is to energize the people of Teso and to let them know that the party is still strong and continues to quest for freedom amidst other rumors that circulate around.


He also added that the party is also building up its structures to help in the mobilization of all the party activities ahead of the upcoming campaigns for the 2026 general elections.

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