Soroti City Lawyer Champions Protection of Speaker Anita's Reputation in Court Battle

Posted on Mar 28, 2024
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By Our Reporter 


SOROTI - Renowned Soroti city lawyer Joshua Okello, widely known as Jokel, has taken a bold step by initiating legal proceedings against the Attorney General in Kampala's High Court.


His primary objective is to secure declarations and orders aimed at curbing discussions surrounding corruption allegations against the Speaker and the purported excessive parliamentary expenditures in various public forums.


In a filing under miscellaneous cause number 0051 dated March 27, 2024, Okello underscores the paramount importance of his actions, citing the provisions of the Human Rights Enforcement Act of 2029.


In his affidavit, Okello passionately argues for the matter to be adjudicated by either the Inspectorate of Government or an independent commission. He emphasizes the inherent illegality and encroachment on privacy rights perpetuated by the ongoing public discourse.


Okello sheds light on the emergence of the #UgandaParliamentExhibition on social media, triggered by opposition leader Joel Ssenyonyi's call for transparency regarding parliamentary expenditures. He staunchly opposes this trend, labeling it as unlawful and detrimental to the esteemed reputation of both the Speaker and Parliament.


According to Okello, the intense public scrutiny fueled by social media accusations has dealt an irreparable blow to the image of Parliament and the Speaker's office. He vehemently argues against the public dissemination of discussions regarding the Speaker's tenure and compensation, citing potential damage to the institution's integrity.


In his application, Okello fervently seeks court declarations condemning the illegitimate probing into parliamentary affairs, while advocating for enhanced privacy protection and reinforced parliamentary independence.


He demands a categorical prohibition on the disclosure of personal account details and financial transactions of parliamentary members. Furthermore, he implores the court to issue a permanent injunction against any future demands for such sensitive information.


In addition to his legal requests, Okello also petitions for general damages and the reimbursement of incurred legal costs.


Meanwhile, Speaker of Parliament Anita Among continues to endure relentless scrutiny over allegations of financial impropriety within Parliament. Despite her references to presidential backing, critics remain skeptical, arguing that such endorsements merely serve as distractions from addressing the substantive issues at hand.

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