Youth Empowerment: EYOTAB Prepares Over 150 Graduates for Job Market

Posted on May 09, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


EYOTAB, an initiative aimed at Empowering Youth through Talent Building, is set to celebrate the graduation of over 150 skilled trainees who have undergone training in various fields such as Music, Acting, Audio Production, Videography, and Graphics Design over a period of seven months.


The graduation ceremony is scheduled for May 10th, 2024, at the learning facility located in Soroti city.


Launched in 2023, EYOTAB has been dedicated to nurturing young talent with the support of the Mastercard Foundation, ensuring its operation for a year.


The CEO of EYOTAB, Emmanuel Otim, famously known as Ehmah Napoleone, expressed gratitude towards the foundation for their generous support.


He highlighted that the graduates come from diverse backgrounds and are now fully equipped with the necessary skills for the job market. Many of these youth are expected to use their newfound skills to improve their livelihoods and positively impact their households.


Among the graduates is Gabriel Opio, one of the three physically challenged students at EYOTAB. Despite facing physical limitations, Opio excelled in Videography, focusing solely on video editing as the facility accommodated his needs by designing a special timetable that enabled him to undergo training comfortably. Opio's success story underscores the inclusivity and support provided by EYOTAB.


Another beneficiary, Echaat Emmanuel, who had discontinued his education after Senior Two, found an opportunity to enroll in the videography class at EYOTAB as today, he is equipped with valuable knowledge and skills that open doors to new career prospects.


Several students expressed their excitement and appreciation towards the CEO and the Mastercard Foundation for their support, acknowledging the new milestone they have achieved through EYOTAB.

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