Fans launch a fundraising drive for Candy Man's 'Romantic' Video

Posted on Apr 19, 2021
By Admin

Teso Music fans have launched a fundraising drive to raise money for 'Romantic' music video.


The song which was dropped a few days back has got the attention of very many people across Teso.


One of Candy Man's biggest fans Eriangu Nelson alias Keith Nelly has therefore launched a campaign to collect a total of UGX 3m for a quality video for the song.


"Am basically asking my fellow Itesots to start on this particular song. Contribution of only 3million is enough for this particular video shoot
We can't just keep looking at our brother's struggle yet there are so talented like this. I start by contributing 300k towards the cause." Nelson said


A number of people have welcomed the idea and promised to contribute to the cause.


You can also send your contributions to 0783383918 or 0759122714 (Eriangu Nelson)





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