Besigye paralyzes business as he campaigns for FDC’s candidate in Soroti city east

Posted on Jul 25, 2022
By Nathan Eyaguxxx

The former president of the FDC party Dr.Kizza Besigye yesterday Sunday 24th, July brought most businesses to a standstill after he anonymously appeared at the campaign trail of Attan Moses Okia in Kichinjaji ward where he was cheered by thousands of supporters before setting off for Soroti town where they were welcomed by different stopovers.


‘’ Museveni and his people are panicking, the people of Teso have suffered for all these decades, the whole country has been destroyed by the forty years of NRM, you can’t say people are suffering because of covid and the war in Russia, the hunger in Uganda also came up because of the misrule in Uganda, we don’t have any reserve of oil and food in Uganda’’ Besigye said


He further added that the new government program of the parish model is a hoax to play with the brains of the people as all the money government has come to the parish will never kick out poverty as a lot is taken and little is brought back.


‘’Most people think that we are working with NRM is because they think NRM is strong because of the guns, enough is enough, we want leaders who are strong who are never confused, am surprised failed to get a candidate and looked for Ariko, Ariko who was FDC and we campaigned for him here and we voted for him, for some time he walked with Muntu and left too, came as an independent then later got confused and went to NRM, even if I was an NRM supporter, I wouldn’t vote for Ariko’’, he added.


He further called the people of Teso to stand up and say no as NRM is killing the country including the education system.


‘’Vote for Attan on Thursday, we know they are going to cheat even if we are many, mobilize everybody to go to the station early to vote, receive their money as those are your taxes, we must be vigilant because of the cheating, we must guard the tally center and the votes until they announce that Attan has won, every single day there is two billion for state house, we are saying this budget should change, after elections, we shall tell you what follows, after all, he says that he eats cassava, the people of Teso will uproot for him cassava’’, he added


It should also be noted that Besigye managed to beat tight security that had blocked him together with his team at Igar petrol station in Jinja city where they were blocked leaving his political assistant Ronald Muhinda, his driver Fred Kato and his aide Ketra arrested but later left people shocked after appearing at the campaign rally at Kichinjaji ward in Soroti city east.


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