Mukula is a bishop of a cult fighting many people – Augustine Otuko

Posted on Jul 30, 2022
By Nathan Eyaguxxx

SOROTI - As the war between vice president Maj. Jessica Alupo and the NRM vice chairperson for eastern Uganda Capt. Mike Mukula moves to another level following the recently concluded Soroti city east parliamentary by-elections in a fight that has sparked off fire following the campaign of the NRM candidate in Soroti city east.


It should be noted that Capt. Mike Mukula while addressing the media on Thursday 29th July 2022 at his home in senior quarters, Soroti City west explained that there were internal fights in the party that needed to be resolved.



“I noticed in this campaign the people were working and avoiding the structures of the party, working in silos,I noted even during this time my sister the vice president Her Excellency Jessica Alupo was working in isolation, camped in another area, and avoided getting in contact with the secretary general, the chairman of the region, and not even one call, I rather step aside from being vice chairman of the region than to divide my people, they brought Sanjay Tanna all the way from Tororo to organize campaigns in the city, this is ironic, it’s unacceptable and I reject that position,” Mukula said.



Augustine Otuko the former personal assistant to the vice president Ngariam county contestant in Katakwi district during a press conference today at Hyde Park in Soroti city said that Mukula is a bishop of a cult fighting many in Teso and as a result, the region will not grow if NRM has such people.



‘’ He raised critical issues about Teso while blaming the vice president for working with a parallel team rather than the NRM, the party works differently as there were two different teams during the by-election period, one for the national secretariat and a team in the city headed by George Egunyu, It’s not the first time we do such, we did it to win elections’’, Otuko said.



Otuko also added that Mukula has been leading a common cult in the past elections as all NRM candidates lost in the city since he didn’t campaign for any of them, its’ not known why he doesn’t want NRM to win in the city as in 2016 he personally campaigned for peter Ojur under the NRM ticket while Mukula campaigned for Ariko who was in the FDC party.



‘’ Mukula said confusion is in katakwi district yet he attributed to it to some as in the past election in Okore he was behind it every confusion that took place, he was there ten times, if he retires from that position,NRM will have peace ’’, He added.



Otuko also explained that Sanjay Tanna was free to go anywhere to campaign for an NRM candidate and called upon the party to champion reconciliation to unite the people of Teso.



‘’ We are waiting to see his testicles as he comes to Katakwi to fight vice president Alupo, it’s bad for him to pretend yet he is a good problem, let him retire so that NRM can grow as young cadres we are worried about his ways and we are not sure of members he works with while hides behind the yellow shirt














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