Meet a 43-year-old 'engineer' making Incredible machines

Posted on Jan 13, 2023
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By Nathan Eyagu 


As its’ always said by many that wise people come from the east, to make that statement stronger and real, we bring you the story of a 43 years old engineer who is naturally gifted even without doing any engineering course like others.


Ramashamba Patrick Ocen popularly known as Oulanya is a renowned talented engineer who hails from Aloet ward in Soroti city east where he has gained recognition from thousands of people following his talent of making things that are mostly imported from countries like Japan, India, China, USA, and others.


By using his talent, Oulanya has been able to make about two cars, one gifted to president Museveni in 2015, and one to the Soroti catholic diocese bishop, the brick laying machine that makes more than 1,000 bricks in a day, concrete machine mixer, concrete brick maker and a grasshopper motorcycle that we got him fixing by the time we visited him.


According to Oulanya, he got his knowledge after praying to God for two years requesting him to give him the same knowledge that he gave to the whites yet they were all created in his own image.


‘’Finally, God gave me what I asked for from him, whatever I ask for comes at night, sometimes I don’t sleep at night, I remain awake as God shows me all the measurements to use as I don’t even use tape measure at times’’,


‘’Why do we need to keep importing motorbikes and cars from other countries that are at times even not strong yet we are capable of making our own cars from here, I am currently making a motorcycle dubbed ‘’grasshopper’’ that’s 10 feet long, has 2 tyres, 2 stroke engine worth 150CC, radio, carry six people and uses about five liters of fuel to run for 150km journey’’, he added as he boosted with pride.


According to him, it will be the best motorcycle in Uganda, East Africa, and Africa once complete.


Oulanya blames some of the leaders for not taking him to meet the president even after the president delegated some leaders to take him to state house.


‘’I have tried reaching the state house for more than 10 years now but nothing as I have been blocked by some people even when president Museveni came to Soroti city for campaigns during the by-elections, he asked for me and requested some leaders to take me to him but till to date, that hasn’t happened, you block me from seeing the president, it will take 100 years to get someone like me, God will pay you, Amen’’, he said furiously.


Oulanya prays that one day he gets a Samaritan who will open up a technical institution where more youth will get knowledge from him but not waste time with skills that are not worthy.


It should also be known that Oulanya made a helicopter that’s kept within Soroti city but is still seeking permission from the aviation authority to allow him to test it.


‘’The helicopter that I made uses about 3 jerricans of fuel to fly to and fro Moroto and using Google maps as it can’t work with the radar system currently but I was told that I would interrupt as the students have to train’’, he added.


‘’If other super countries could support me and want this technology, please come for me any time as people in my country have neglected me with my knowledge, I need a visa ticket and air ticket so that they lose it all’’, he said with a somber mood.


Oulanya also remains surprised with several politicians he once campaigned for but have never supported him not even buying him a bolt.


Oulanya is currently offering practical skills at Uganda martyrs institute in Soroti city after he was called by the Soroti catholic diocese bishop and has since trained many students.


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