John walker gives Teso entertainers sleepless nights

Posted on Apr 14, 2023
By Admin

An anonymous Facebook blogger using the name "John Walker"  has continued to criticize and expose several Teso entertainers thus raising public attention.


Recently, John Walker posted information about Josh White, one event promoter in the Teso sub-region exposing some of the juicy city babes he had chewed so far.


It should also be noted that some artists attacked one of the entertainers accusing him of being the one behind the john walker account but later the issue was resolved as there wasn't sufficient evidence for pinning the entertainer.


Currently, things have been so hard with most celebrities in the city as they are not able to smoothly enjoy life as it's believed that John Walker has a team of spies who feed him with information about their private life.


According to MC Abel Master, John Walker is seeking cheap popularity since he has once been in the Teso music industry but failed to excel.


Promoter Samoo who was once a victim posted by josh walker said that the unknown Facebook user is making people's lives hard.


"Their dignity is destroyed some of us have girlfriends and relatives, It’s weird to be exposed that way", he added.


According to DJ Sppitch who was once accused to be behind the john walker account, he has also seen defaming posts made by that account though he doesn't have any connections to it in any way as speculated.


"The John Walker account to me is just a gossip bluster though the way their admins or writers do their things is unprofessional, meaning, the writers of that account have very little writing skills and it's run by idlers who have that ample time for social media but a busy person like me can't have any interest in running such crap yet I have paramount work to handle", he said.


He also added that different people have been suspected to be behind that account including himself but the actual owner should be one of the young rural-urban excited boys who hang out within Teso celebrity circles.


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