Rival singers Pallaso,Alien Skin set to hold parallel shows on the same date

Posted on Jun 05, 2023
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


The beef between the team Good Music singer Pallaso and Fangone Forest Entertainment singer Alien Skin looks to be boiling like an active volcano that's yet to erupt.


Things look a bit tense for singer Pallaso who is meant to hold a concert dubbed "love fest" on 9th June 2023 at Lugogo cricket oval as his counterpart Alien Skin will also hold his maiden concert on the same date at Freedom City Namasuba.


The look of things is all left to the fans to decide on the concert they will be heading to support as reports will follow the following day on whose concert sold off.


It should be noted that, the beef between the two came up following an incident that occurred the previous month after Alien Skin allegedly sabotaged Pallaso’s concert rehearsals at Voice and Beats in Makindye, sparking a fight between the two singers.


When the Alien Skin ghetto gangs learned of the development, they expressed their displeasure in a number of social media videos, before storming Pallaso’s Makindye home in an effort to exact revenge.


Pallaso later dropped his pride and made a public apology to the "sitya danger" hitmaker and all the fans as he explained that he lost his temper over pressure and has since accepted to take full blame.


Social media was later left a blaze after Alien Skin replied that he was going to revenge back leaving fans asking if the revenge was by bringing up a concert too on the same date.

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