Philip Oucor Advocates For Unity Among Leaders for Development and Transformation in Serere District

Posted on Feb 09, 2024
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By Nathan Eyagu 


SERERE - The NRM flag bearer for Serere County, Hon. Philip Oucor, has issued a resounding call for unity among all leaders in Serere District, emphasizing the need to speak with one voice to drive development initiatives within the constituency.


Addressing the media during the NRM liberation belated celebrations at the Serere District headquarters, Oucor stressed the collective responsibility of leaders in fostering wealth creation and improving households, while also urging the government to prioritize the implementation of its manifesto, particularly in advancing development in the region and Serere District specifically.


Oucor commended the efforts of Minister Adoa, who also serves as the Serere District MP, as well as other leaders, including the constituency's MP, for rallying around a common purpose that transcends individual interests.


"In my capacity as a leader, I must acknowledge the commendable efforts of the honorable minister in fostering unity among us," he remarked.


However, Oucor lamented the prevalence of divisionism within their ranks, citing it as a significant obstacle that contributed to their defeat in recent by-elections.


"Elections should prioritize service delivery and the interests of the people over individual ambitions. Where I have faltered, I have humbly acknowledged my shortcomings and advocated for collective action because the development of Serere requires our united efforts as a community," he emphasized.


He also underscored the significance of the celebration, noting that it served as a unifying platform for leaders across party lines to come together for the greater good of Serere District.

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