Naff Cee Reveals Exploitation and Broken Promises in Muhoozi Teso Project

Posted on Apr 12, 2024
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By Nathan Eyagu 


SOROTI - Teso's esteemed vocalist, Job Oruka, widely recognized as Naff Cee under the Louis Management label, has taken a courageous stand to condemn a faction of political leaders in the region for capitalizing on opportunities meant for artists.


Naff Cee's outcry follows the visit of Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, often referred to as MK, to the sub-region. Through a series of social media posts resonating widely, he bared his soul, expressing profound anguish over the ordeal. He lamented the prevalent practice where politicians undercut their own regional artists, while outsiders offer substantial paychecks, highlighting the hypocrisy and exploitation.


Reflecting on his decision to abstain from performing during MK's visit to Teso in August 2023, Naff Cee revealed the inner turmoil that led him to abruptly leave the stage, misconstrued by many as arrogance. In truth, he was simply drained, physically and emotionally, after being ruthlessly exploited.


He detailed the grueling schedule of performing thrice daily across different venues, enduring inadequate transport, scanty meals, and no provisions for refreshments. Departing at 11:00 am and returning home well past midnight, all while shouldering transport costs amounting to a mere 50k, underscored the extent of exploitation.


"Why did we accept such meager compensation for seven consecutive days of performances across three venues?" he questioned, highlighting the broken promises of modern studio equipment and transportation vans. Despite drafting proposals, the promised balance remains elusive, mirroring the typical empty assurances from politicians.


"I'm not seeking reparation for myself, but rather, sharing my ordeal to enlighten fellow artists on navigating political dealings. Don't undervalue your craft for empty promises," he admonished.


Describing the Muhoozi Teso project as the pinnacle of deception and exhaustion, Naff Cee's testimony sheds light on the systemic exploitation prevalent in the arts industry, calling for a paradigm shift in how artists engage with political entities.

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