MC Rickxel and Jozelha Clear the Air on Relationship Speculation

Posted on May 07, 2024
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


KAMPALA - Teso's self-proclaimed Lord of the mic, Rickxel MC, along with former blogger turned musician Jozelha, have resolved any differences between them and are now collaborating.


Their paths first crossed at The Meet and Meat party, hosted by DJ INNO256 in Kireka, near Standard Signs where they enjoyed each other's company at the event, dispelling any notions of discord.


It should be noted that, earlier, there were talks about tension between Rickxel and Jozelah after he made critical comments about her debut song a few months ago.


However, both have now revealed to our sources that there is no animosity between them.They stressed that they've never had any issues before. Additionally, they've eagerly announced their upcoming collaboration, set to be released before the year ends.


According to Rickxel, they are working on a joint song, and more details will be shared with the media soon.

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