NUP Teso Defends Bobi Wine Against 'Malicious' Claims by Pro- Speaker Among Group

Posted on May 23, 2024
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By Nathan Eyagu 


SOROTI - The National Unity Platform (NUP) Teso chapter members have come out to criticize and respond to viral social media claims that their party president, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine), was involved in the sanction of the Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, by the UK government.


The claims, made by a section of people at a press conference in Hyde Park, Soroti city, on Monday, 20th, alleged that Kyagulanyi worked with homosexuals to sanction the speaker due to her stance against the anti-homosexuality bill passed in Parliament.


NUP Teso chapter coordinator, Jonathan Okware earlier today during a press conference at their NUP office in Soroti city, explained that the reason for their response is to clarify that the party president did not mastermind the sanction. Okware stated that Kyagulanyi spoke about corruption and welcomed the sanction of corrupt individuals, including Mpunga and others involved in Parliament. However, a few people are spreading false information, calling for local sanctions against the party president, which Okware described as illegal.


Okware emphasized that the NUP Teso chapter apologizes to Ugandans for the narrative promoted by these individuals, which could be perceived as tribalistic. He clarified that the sanction was a result of the UK Parliament government's actions, not related to homosexuality, but rather corruption involving the Karamojong iron sheets scandal, in which the speaker was involved.


Arnold Emachu, a former NUP parliamentary aspirant, described the move as "stupid" and urged those making such claims to go to court. Emachu emphasized that the Iteso people are peacekeepers and peace-seekers, and they don't want a narrative that promotes tribalism. He added that homosexuals have not stolen money from Uganda, but corruption is the real issue, which Kyagulanyi has been fighting against.


George William Okoit, another NUP member, stated that the party won't sit back and watch people spread false information. He urged the public to ignore those individuals, who may be attention-seeking and idle. Okoit emphasized that the NUP stands for unity and justice in Uganda.


The NUP members appealed to Ugandans to forgive them for the statements made by their "lost brothers," which don't represent the party's views. They also reminded their colleagues in the NRM that violence is not a monopoly and urged them to be peace-loving.

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