From Love to Hate: Lyrical Jersy and Lucky Merab's Shocking Breakup Revelations

Posted on Jun 11, 2024
By Admin

Singer Lyrical Jersy has spoken out about his recent breakup with rising star Lucky Merab, revealing shocking details about their tumultuous relationship.


Despite criticism from fans who thought he had wronged Lucky Merab, Lyrical Jersy remains unapologetic.


"Whoever thinks Merab left me is stupid," Lyrical Jersy replied in a WhatsApp group( Twitter Teso).


"Her parents and close sisters know what happened, so this media narrative that I left her because I'm broke is false. I'm broke, frustrated, and without a future, but at least I'm safe now that she's gone."


Lyrical Jersy also alleged that Lucky Merab had once threatened him with a knife, raising eyebrows among fans who were following the conversation. "That gal has ever picked a knife to stab me," he said. "If she left me, then I am safe now."


Lucky Merab, on the other hand, has chosen to focus on her music career, stating that she is single and not searching. In a voice note shared in another WhatsApp group(Iteso in Kampala).


She revealed that the relationship had become toxic and lacked respect, leading to its demise.


"The relationship was there, but it wasn't helping us grow," Lucky Merab said. "We decided to end it and focus on our personal goals."


Lucky Merab, who started her music career in January, has promised to concentrate on her craft, collaborating with national artists like Fik Fameica and Vyroota.


The two singers whose relationship ended a month ago announced their breakup on social media earlier this week, with Lyrical Jersy stating that they had parted ways amicably.


The two have deleted their love photos from social media.


However, the recent revelations suggest a more complicated and tumultuous relationship.





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