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Posted on Jan 24, 2023
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By Nathan Eyagu 


The CEO of Mulla Entertainment, Ashraf Kirya popularly alias Vybz Mulla has cried out to the public after Dr. Jose Chameleon snubbed his event dubbed 'wale wale festival'  that was scheduled to take place on 13th January 2023 at Moroto Resort Hotel.


While having an interview with this website, Mulla explained that they registered a big disaster after the person they booked failed to turn up for the event even after making all payments including an air ticket for a private plane to airlift him from Kampala capital to Moroto town.


"The guy decided to disappoint us and later gave us different reasons as why he failed to turn up saying that he missed the flight even after we paid the air ticket but after linking up with his manager,he also said that Chameleon was sleeping", he said.


He further explained that they are being told fake reasons yet they lost their brand,trust and sponsors who believed in them and are no longer there.


"We are in debts, we need to be compensated because of the big loss we made as people travelled from different destinations raising the number of revelers to an estimate of 13,000 on that fateful day but later got disappointed at the last minute. We haven't got any justice yet even after moving around Kampala but only been tossed up, we want Chameleon to pay everything, we have expenses as we have siblings to take care of as school resumes", 


Mulla who was bitter about the conduct of Chameleon explained that he is a legend spoiling the future of young hustlers trying to make a living so as to get a bright future of their own.


He further called upon all those willing to help them to come on board and do so as the person they dealt with is known to many.


George William Okoit a young entrepreneur in Soroti city while commenting on the incident said that people doing business using their talent should know the difference between having talent and business while pointing out integrity and honesty as two things one needs to look at if their business is to be successful.


"The person (Jose chameleon) has been able to exhibit the failure of his management and himself as a person in a way he conducted himself as Mulla is a young man trying to make ends meet as he has a family and dependants that have missed out following the failed show in Moroto a place that has since celebrated Jose Chameleon",


He also added that Mulla as a promoter has struggled for a long time trying to build a brand while promoting art, tourism and bringing Karamoja to the eye of the public but the young people got paid back in a different way.


" What do you teach us, you the legends, what do we learn from you as young people doing business? We pray that by the end of the day,the society in Teso,Karamoja and the entire country that believe in honesty and truth wakes up to support that kind of thing and try to make Chameleon brought to book and is able to do what is right", he added.


It should also be noted the management of Moroto Resort Hotel in a press release dated 15th January,2023 wrote to the event promoter to refund all the monies for they had already sold.


Moroto Resort Hotel speaks out.


" On the 13th January 2023, the hotel was scheduled to host a musical concert having hired out its gardens to a client, a local music promoter who had organized the event in Which Mr.Jospeh Mayanja (Dr.Jose Chameleon) was hired and was scheduled to perform alongside a host of other local artistes upon getting clearance from security authorities", the post reads in part.


"Following consultations with our client, the hotel management since learned that the said artiste failed to turn up for the event despite the fact the promoter met all the necessary arrangements with the artiste and his management",


"This did not only cause losses to the hotel but gravely inconvenienced our clients, customers, patrons, and revealers who had paid for tickets to the event. Management regrets all the inconveniences that may have been caused to our visitors from all over and as far as Kenya ,our partners and entire Karamoja community. The hotel management accordingly took a decision to compel the event organizer to refund all the monies for the tickets that they had already been sold", read the press release in part.








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