You can't demote a person that you have never promoted- DJ Kalz tells Genious Drey

Posted on Feb 07, 2023
By Admin

Kampala-based disc joker Okalang Moses famously known as  DJ Kalz has hit back at singer Genious drey for criticizing and describing him as the worst export Teso music industry has ever had thus demoting him from being one of the iconic DJs from Teso.


The 'cold war' between the two celebrities started after singer Genious Drey bashed Kalz for failing to promote Teso music using his connections.


"This chap has had an opportunity to push Teso music and sound just like any formal Dj from Teso has always! I remember connecting Kalz to over 10 artists from Teso who needed his support but in vain, these same guys came back to me feeling disappointed! I personally gave Kalz a gig in one of the radio stations (withheld) and requested we have a slot for Teso music jama kept claiming our quality is poor! until somehow he managed to play a few bu songs from home but kede force", Genious Dre posted.


He further noted that even after being in a Whatsapp forum of over 60 % DJs from the country, Genious Drey requested to know the number of times Kalz shared the home music with the other DJz.


"Now Mr. Headboy as u proclaim, you are fully Demoted! Episode 1 … follow for Episode 2", the "take me inside" song hitmaker said.


 Dj Kalz who had an interview with our reporter said that he can't be the worst as he has pushed Teso music with all his means.


"Yes he’s connected me to artists, and if the artist gives me the music and I advise, and the artist doesn’t take the advice, so I need to become an artist? I leave it at that and besides, you can’t seek advice from me yet you are already proud of yourself and where you are! ", He said.


Dj Kalz also added that every Media house has standards and quality of music to be played and if the decision makers get the music and reject them what more is expected of him those accepted will be played as he can't force quality into people’s business as literally, a person comes into the industry ready to face challenges to improve.


"Yes, I have a WhatsApp group of DJs who still ask for quality, not just any song. He claims to have demoted me, where did he promote me from? The only advice I give my fellows in the game is just to work towards improving and not being stagnant because at the end of the day, a Dj will have a variety to play and you’ll be left out", DJ Kalz roared.

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