SERERE : Witch doctor arrested in possession of human skull,bullets and tortoise

Posted on Feb 16, 2023
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Police in Soroti district have in their custody a witch doctor who was arrested in possession of a human skull, bullets and a live tortoise.


The suspect only identified as Okodi Julius a male adult resident in Akisim cell Kyere ward, Kyere sub-county in Serere district is alleged to have advised four individuals who include Ediangu Emmanuel, Emedu Emmanuel, Etapu Kokas, Akwengu Emmanuel and Kongai Jennifer who murdered Edou Simon aged 50 and to cut off his head and take it to him so as to appease the spirits of the deceased thus stopping it from haunting them and prevent their arrest and incarceration.


According to SP Ageca Oscar Gregg the PRO East Kyoga in today's press statement, the back ground of the matter involves a report of disappearance that was made at Asuret Police Station, On 26/03/2021 at around 1100 hours, by Ekatu Moses, resident of Olwa"B", village, Omodoi Parish Ocokcan Subcounty in the Soroti District, that on 21/03/2021,at around 1800 hours his elder brother Edou Simon aged 52 years, resident of the same village, disappeared without trace, from Asuret college trading center.


It's noted that Edou Simon had serious domestic issues with his wife Kongai Jennifer regarding an alleged love affair between his wife and Ediangu Peter the prime suspect of the murder and who was the best man during the deceased's wedding ceremony though he further allegedly coveted the deceased's wife for himself.


According to reports ,Ediangu, Emedu, Etapu, Kongai and Akwengu allegedly killed and burried Edou Simon in Akoli swamp in or about March 2022, but later decided to go to the witch doctor one Okodi Julius claiming that the relatives of the deceased and police were on a search for them as they wanted the witch doctor to save them from detection.


The witch doctor advised them to cut off the head of the deceased and bring it to his shrine as a safeguard to detection where he consequently, received the head which he burried in his shrine.


"On the 11th of February 2022 the witch doctor was arrested by police following long search and on the 14th of February 2023 a team of detectives moved to the scene where the skull was hidden together with the suspect at moru-atianga cell, Kyere ward, Kyere town council in Serere where the suspect's shrine is located and upon search in the suspect's premises,they recovered a human skull, two bullets and a live tortoise", Ageca explained in a statement.


"Following the witch doctor's arrest, he will be charged of murder on the same charges as the previously arrested suspects noted above and now on remand vide CRB 099/2022. He shall also additionally be charged of being in unlawful possession of government stores to wit bullets and under the Wild life Act for unlawful possession of the tortoise",


He further acknowledged and appreciated the tireless efforts of the officers and their dedication to their duties that enabled the completion of their tasks.


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