Police detain MP Okupa a head of polling day in Serere County

Posted on Feb 22, 2023
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu


Kasilo County MP Elijah Okupa has today's afternoon been arrested by police while in a venue where the polling agents of Independent Candidate Emmanuel Omoding were holding a training ahead of tomorrow's by-election.


Okupa was arrested from PEM church in Ochapa, Serere county, and taken to Serere Central police station.


"Today I was in Ochapa doing the training of polling agents for Emmanuel Okabe and the DPC came with three police patrol vehicles and asked me to get out and drive to Serere CPS ", Okupa said while having an interview with this website.


Okupa further described the act by police as the level of intimidation.


"How do they expect the agents to get their appointment letters in order to be the polling agents, whoever gave the instructions, it's something that can't be accepted in a free and fair country as this also makes us think that the elections of tomorrow will be a free and fair election", he added.


"Why arrest leaders and agents who are training agents after even getting permission from Electoral Commission in Serere and even told them the venue",


Okupa also said that the move was a cowardly act by the opponents of Omoding that should be castigated in strong terms.


East Kyoga Police spokesperson, SP Ageca Oscar confirmed the arrest of the legislator.


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