Interview: Meet Teso’s New Kid On The Block, Canis Odd

Posted on Dec 02, 2019
By Samuel O

Odela Peter Canisius alias Canis Odd is the new kid on the airwaves of Teso music. His catchy beats, cheeky lyrics and unique vocals have endeared him to especially the youth. He recently won a breakthrough artiste of the year award from Teso Entertainment Awards.


His two songs, Ebaluwa'toto and Lu Asurup have left his fans yearning for more.


He comes from a humble family of 8 children.


Quick Talk owed it to his already numerous fans to seek him out.


1. Who is Canis Odd?

Canis Odd Born Odela Peter Canisius is an afro-pop singer, songwriter, Alias Canis Odd Born and Raised in Soroti


2. What is your level of education?

Am currently pursuing a certificate in BA (Business Administration) at UCC Soroti.


3. What kind of music do you do?

I do Afro-pop and RnB Zouk, and I believe with time, I will chip in some genres as well to feed my fans with variety.


4. What inspired you to start singing?

I have passion in singing though due to some barriers I didn't have a chance to expose it earlier., Then the purpose to inspire married my passion and kick started everything.


5. Which Ugandan artist do you admire?

They are all good, but permit me salute the Late Mozey Radio (RIP)


6. Which record label are you signed to?

None for now


7. Who is managing you?

Louis Management


8. Your lyrics are very powerful. where do get the inspiration for them?

(Laughs). It's not me, it's just through me but everything is always from God. However, in my composition, I do a fusion of experience and imaginary art... thanks to God who makes it all possible and please thanks for the compliment.


9. As an upcoming artist how do you describe yourself from the time you started singing?

In every start there are challenges which retard acceleration but I would like to Unfold my enormous pleasure to my fellow workmates (Teso Artists), all our media houses and all the presenters, the Djs out there, Personalities like you my brother Mr. Opio Samuel, My manager Louis, Arrow girl Large ups from wherever you're, Master Sultan Ali, Ekutelek Jr Makenzie... To all my fans who warmly welcomed me to the Industry that I now feel a positive Move...


10. Which musician would you like to collaborate with?

Mmm did you mean at the regional or national level? If here at home (Teso)., Most of them are my Seniors and they are all really Good. It's just that am still working on a few solo projects, but let's expect more things come 2020.


11. If you were not a musician, which career would you have wanted to be?



12. What do we expect from the Canis in the next five years?

I cannot make it alone, but together as #TeamTeso, my fellow artists and the fans, I expect us to have risen our flag (Teso) higher to the national level and beyond.


13. What challenges can a musician who is starting music today be ready to deal with?

Capital challenges and patience... Music needs capital, which you will also not reap immediately, so you need to be Patient and persistent...


14. Any last words to your fans?

...(smiles)... They are my darlings. To all my fans, you are a big deal to me. Yah, I am here., But I can't be here without you always... I must release excess thanks to you all., Courtesy of your maximum support, we brought the Break through Award Home... Please take good care of yourselves as the festive season is Incoming and Just expect More fire... 2020 Loading. I LOVE YOU ALL...

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