Katakwi christians left joyous after Mulalu donating 100 Iron sheets

Posted on Nov 05, 2023
By Admin

KATAKWI - The Christian community of Aliakamer CDC in Oale village, Ngariam County in Katakwi district on Sunday received 100 iron sheets from Dan Mulalu through Kazi Ni Kazi Foundation as part of his contribution in the construction of the church.


"We thank God that He heard our prayers. Thanks Kazi Ni Kazi for the support of iron sheets, we really appreciate the donations towards the church and you have done a great improvement," a section of Christians told this website.


The Christians say they have been having difficulties in raising the much needed funds for the completion of the church adding that the donation came in at the right time.


Mr Arara Ourien, the CDC church leader, hailed Mulalu for supporting the church at the time when the church badly needed the iron sheets to shelter worshipers against the November rains.


“We had completed the actual construction up to the level but needed support in roofing the church, We approached Mulalu and he offered to help we are grateful,” Ourien said.


“The delivery of these 100 iron sheets saves us of Shs 5.2m basing on the quotation we had received from roofings, On behalf of the CDC community, I am very grateful to team Kazi Ni Kazi,” said Ourien.


The iron sheets were handed to the church administrators by the team headed by Mr Emmanuel Okabale.


Okabale told this website that they had decided to give back to the community as part of their corporate social responsibility to the people where they operate from.


He added that as someone who always supports religion, Mulalu responded to the call of the believers in this church who asked him for support towards the construction process.


Mulalu in his speech delivered by Okabale appealed to the people of Ngariam to embrace Government programs like PDM and Emyooga in order to end poverty.


He appealed to them to be in organized groups if they are to benefit from government programs.

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