Teso men advised on ways of survival during the global economic crisis

Posted on Nov 13, 2023
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By Nathan Eyagu 


SOROTI - In response to the ongoing economic challenges in the Teso sub-region, a call has been made for men to proactively engage with modern technological opportunities as a means to combat the persistent poverty gripping the area.


This guidance was dispensed during the 2023 Men's Retreat organized by the Men's Counsel Foundation Soroti at Francri Hotel. The event, themed "How Men Survive Amidst Global Economic Crisis," served as a platform for discussions on adapting to the evolving economic landscape.


According to Pascal Amuriat, the event moderator, the retreat provides a space for men to raise crucial questions about navigating the ongoing global crisis. Many suffer silently, with some tragically resorting to suicide. This platform allows men to share experiences and collectively brainstorm solutions, fostering a sense of unity and support.


Mr. Peter Ojur, a former parliamentary contestant for Soroti Municipality, emphasized the necessity for adaptation in a rapidly changing world. He highlighted the importance of seeking counsel, particularly given the dynamic nature of the global economy.


Addressing the intricate link between men's success or failure and the welfare of their families in contemporary African traditional society, Ojur stressed the valuable role men play in navigating the shifting socio-economic terrain.


Mean while ,David Calvin Echodu, an economist and NRM party flag bearer in Soroti City West, expressed concern about the world's course, particularly focusing on the emphasis on women's empowerment urging the group to pose essential questions, maintain a balance between learning from the past and moving forward, using the example of the Teso people still grieving over lost cattle.


Echodu called for societal collaboration, emphasizing the need for patience, cooperation, and unity to overcome division, stating, "Every life matters, and we must avoid taking justice into our own hands."


He shed light on the cultural challenges in Teso, noting a lack of unity and the potential for capability if the people recognized their strengths.


Echodu urged a shift in mindset regarding the economy, emphasizing the importance of understanding what determines capacity and the need for leaders who can build the people before expecting positive outcomes.


He further emphasized the necessity of changing the environment to alter the community's value and called for a broader perspective beyond profit, advocating for leaders who comprehend the intricacies of the economy and prioritize the development of the people.


In his keynote address, Bishop Eletu Joseph emphasized that men are the foundation and should not shy away from taking decisive steps.


"I implore you, as men, to deepen your relationship with God. When you name your challenges, involve God, and witness the empowerment within you. Take action, and you will not bear shame," he urged.


Several participants, interviewed by this website, expressed gratitude to the organizers for arranging the retreat. They highlighted the valuable insights gained and anticipate a significant positive impact on their livelihoods.


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