Ykee Benda Cautions Men On Dating Unemployed, Broke Demanding Babes

Posted on Jan 13, 2020
By Samuel O

The recent festive season might have taught Mpaka Records boss Wycliffe Tugume  alias Ykee Benda a huge financial lesson that he will leave to forget.


Having been busted and left at God's mercy during the festivities, Ykee Benda has come out with some food for thought to fell men who are still single and searching not to bother dating unemployed chics.


Having gone through the nightmare of clearing huge bills for such girls in the festive season, Ykee Benda decided to share the piece of advice on his social media platforms.


"2020 let’s stay away from all the girls who have no jobs and are not trying to get one!! You will thank me On 25th Dec," Ykee Benda.


As a victim of circumstance, girls with no jobs are the biggest evil on earth that any man wouldn't like to face given the fact they are not developmental at all no wonder the "Bomboclat" singer believes there is a need of fellow men examining relationships before hitting a dead end especially in this calendar year.

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