PROFILE: What you didn’t know about MP Hellen Adoa

Posted on Dec 04, 2019
By Samuel O

Hellen Adoa alias Mama Serere is the Woman Member of Parliament for Serere district.


Despite not being active on the floor of parliament deliberating, Hon Adoa is a darling to the people of Serere district because of her ‘tangible’ ground work.


Besides being a politician, Adoa is an Education Manager by profession and a Social worker.


Adoa’s love for education and health is exceptional. She has offered affordable education, sponsoring bright yet poor children in Teso. Healthwise, she has helped sick people by putting up health camps fighting especially against cervical cancer & hepatitis even building Health centers


She has built a mosaic of schools in parts of Teso, especially Soroti and Serere districts.


The third born of nine in a family of seven boys and two girls, Adoa has built several schools including Halcyon High School, Teso Boarding Primary School, Toto Adoa Primary School, New York Primary School and Halcyon HS Serere Campus.


Adoa investment in schools started in 2001 after she returned from the United Kingdom where she had gone to study a Diploma in Education Management.

Her first school, Halcyon High School was built in 2001 on a piece of land that she had bought in Asuret Sub-county in Soroti District.


Later she built Teso Boarding Primary School in 2006, Toto Adoa in 2010 and New York Primary School in Serere District.


All these schools, according to Adoa were offset by loans and assistance from her dad who helped her build 5 schools and some friends she had met in the UK.



Adoa, ran against Alice Alaso in 2011 elections and lost but returned stronger in the 2016 polls where she won with a big range of 16,111 votes.


Alaso was a vibrant politician and undisputed kingmaker for Teso sub region until 2016 when Hellen Adoa (NRM) unexpectedly sent her packing.


But Alaso, who had served as Woman MP for 15 consecutive years, didn’t easily let go. She became aggrieved and dragged Adoa to court alleging vote rigging among other things. The matter went up to Justice Steven Kavuma’s Court of Appeal where Alaso still lost.



Hon. Adoa Hellen 42, has a Diploma in Business Studies from Victoria Business Institute, Tororo, a Diploma in Education Management from Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi.


She also holds a Bachelor of Democracy and Development Studies and Master of Local Governance and Human Rights from Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi. She also posses a Degree in Theology.


Her message to the people of Teso

"Where there is a will, there is away. Do good to everyone even when no one appreciates, it makes your heart happy."


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