Ateker Young Entrepreneurs Symposium Ignites Transformation for Thousands at Soroti Secondary School

Posted on Feb 02, 2024
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By Nathan Eyagu 


SOROTI - In a dynamic convergence of aspirations and knowledge, Lu Ateker Concepts hosted the inaugural Ateker Young Entrepreneurs Symposium on January 27, 2024, at Soroti Secondary School conceived with the lofty goals of inspiration, mentorship, opportunities, and networking, drew a diverse multitude from every nook of Teso and beyond.


As the symphony of motivation unfolded, Okoit George William, the dynamic CEO of Teso Textiles/Dynamic Graphics, took center stage. With an engaging narrative, he shared the tapestry of his journey, weaving tales of hustle, overcoming hurdles, and celebrating achievements.


Known for his work ethic, Okoit passionately implored the youth to embrace every business opportunity, advocating for a mindset that places personal benefits above pride and frivolous expenditures.


The symposium's intellectual feast continued as Jean A Onyait, the astute CEO of Quest Digital Finance, took the podium. His discourse on the do's and don'ts of obtaining business-boosting loans resonated with the eager audience. Cautioning against hasty financial decisions, Onyait stressed the importance of clear plans to circumvent challenges in loan repayment.


A crescendo of insights echoed through the venue with Gerald Otim, the visionary CEO of Ensibuuko, as he illuminated the audience on the imperative role of ICT in business operations,his words painted a vivid picture of technology's ability to shape the future of enterprises.


Adding a cultural touch to the symposium, H.H Paul Sande Emolot, the revered Iteso cultural leader and guest speaker, expressed heartfelt appreciation for the organizers.


He urged the continuation of such transformative events twice a year, featuring diverse exhibitors, providing a rich learning landscape for attendees.


Emolot graciously shared his personal journey in business, a tale of triumph that resonated deeply with the captivated audience.


During the course of the day, testimonials poured in, reflecting the symposium's impact where Michael Otim, a business owner from Pallisa district, attested to the immense value gained, advocating for the inclusion of diverse exhibitions to enhance the learning experience.


Meanwhile Suzan Adeke, who traveled from Katakwi district, expressed her gratitude for the symposium, finding inspiration in the words of young entrepreneurs who graced the stage.


The first Ateker Young Entrepreneurs Symposium not only fulfilled its ambitious goals but has set the stage for a wave of positive change, enriching the lives of those who gathered in the thousands at Soroti Secondary School.

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