Kut Marcus calls for unity amongst Teso artistes as Bebe Cool, Eddy kenzo eat big in new music umbrella

Posted on May 06, 2023
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 


Teso's legendary rapper Kut Marcus has called upon Teso artists to unite amidst tension following the creation of a new umbrella for Ugandan artists.


According to Kut Marcus via his Facebook post, the UMA president Cindy Sanyu has been fighting with the new umbrella dubbed the Uganda music federation that was recently formed with it being fully certified with the president being Eddy Kenzo, Sheebah Karungi as the 1st vice president, Juliana Kanyomozi as the second vice president and Bebe Cool as the finance minister.


"This association, Cindy has been fought, now brothers and sisters in the industry we better unite or else we are doomed, yes you heard me",


He further called for unity amongst Teso artists and a change of strategies either by uniting with artists from the north by forming something else rather than watching as the central artists eat while they watch them get more wealthy while they strive to make ends meet.


"It's your choice now, Emuria Kolia", he added.

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