Alien Skin angers NUP supporters after denying being part of any political party

Posted on Aug 09, 2023
By Admin

By Nathan Eyagu 



The fangone forest music label singer and song writer Alien Skin has yet again left media ablaze after replying to the NUP supporters who accused him of being aligned with the ruling party and thus betraying their course. 


Alien Skin in a video trending on social media blasted the team for accusing him for betraying them as he never promised them anything. 


"NUP supporters saying I betrayed you, how did I do so, what did I promise you? Who told you that Fangone Forest is a NUP branch?" Alien Skin questioned in a video posted to social media.


Alien Skin firmly stated that he could not have betrayed anyone since he was never part of any faction to begin with.


He further explained that despite being contacted multiple times to receive financial assistance, he declined it. 


"I don't understand why NUP supporters are so upset with me. It's not like we had a contract," Alien Skin said adding that he was independent and is free to do what he wants.


The "sitya danger" singer stressed out that he harbors no fear of anyone who will stand on his path while expressing contentment with enduring criticism, reasoning that his rise to fame was due to his music rather than his political stance.


"I want people to understand that I'm an independent individual. I don't align with any group; I act according to my own will. I hold no grudges against either NUP or NRM; I maintain neutrality. In fact, I consider myself the referee," he confidently declared.


Alien Skin further left the supporters upset after he added that he was finally the official elected Ghetto president in Uganda while appreciating Ugandans for loving him, a position that has been known to be for the ghetto gladiator, NUP president Bobi Wine. 

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