King Saha apologizes to fans, promises to deal with Bebe Cool personally

Posted on Jan 09, 2020
By Admin

Singer Ssemanda Mansoor alias King Saha has issued an apology to his fans for his continuous facebook rants against Bebe Cool


He has also promised to release a number of projects this year


Recently when Bebe Cool published his list of best Performing 2019 artistes, he warned King Saha to concetrate on music and stop taking drugs.

This did not go on well with 'Mpa Love' singer who embarked on verbal war with Bebe Cool.


In his statement, He lamented  that Bebe Cool's criticism had hidden intentions that he will reveal in the future.


"I know most people esp' the fans are not happy with this saga & I apologize coz that has never been my way of handling things.Babykul's criticizing me had alot of hidden intentions which u'll know in the long run.So for now,am begging u kindly to Allow me feed u musically as I deal with this fool personally." King Saha Posted

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