Mike Mukula on hunting Spree, Storms TBS, Veritas and Continental for 'Big fish'

Posted on Mar 11, 2020
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SOROTI- As Voice of Teso prepares to position 'herself' for a top return as Teso's number one station (as it used to be), its proprietor and Chairman Voice Media Group, Capt. Mike Mukula, has embarked on a hunting spree for the top cream in the media industry.

After realizing Jonathan Ebwalu's merits against the demerits during his heydays, Mukula last week stormed Teso's leading Urban Station, TBS Radio, where he sweet-talked and wooed the sex-oozing liplicious, Esther Achako.

As if that was not enough, Mukula boarded his chopper and landed at Kumi Boma Grounds, with his sharp bait ready for a good harvest, he straight away drove to Tata Adio's Continental Radio, where he fished out Robert Atubu, who is popularly known as DJ Roberto.

This butlless boy from Abata Trading Centre, will now handle 'Elimuno ber' program which starts from 4 - 7pm.

Charles Akeru, Dolopiko Opado and Esther Achako, have already been assigned to handle 'Yoga Akwenyun' program which starts from 6-10am. Achako uses 'Amekede' on air. Ejijim eporoto adepar ecoroko! Bala ikonyari ijo eredio da!

After getting done with the Kumi hunting expedition (with now his catch in the boot), the chubby Flight Captain flew back and landed at Bishop Eciru's Fr Hilder's Gardens. His 'hungry' retina spotted Elton Edeket, smilling from ear to ear at Veritas Newsroom. He broke the 'good' news to Edeket, who just boarded without hesitating, and off....they were at Voice of Teso boardroom penning the T&Cs into paper.

Elton Edeket, will now take on 'Eupa' Hotline program which starts at 7-9pm

Commenting on the new developments, Jonathan Ebwalu, the new General Manager, smiled and said, "We are realigning and rebranding Voice of Teso to become more and more attractive not only to advertisers but to our listeners. We are not sleeping."

Congs, new team! Kaloto aalu!


Story compiled by Peterson Oluka

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