Voice of Teso to Move to New Home on October 1st

Posted on Sep 09, 2020
By Admin

By Peterson Oluka

The flamboyant NRM Eastern boss, Flt. Capt Mike Mukula is set to open the multi-million building that will house his Voice of Teso radio.


According to sources, the posh building that has been under construction, has been completed and is now ready to house Voice of Teso studio.


The multi-million building that sits in the middle of Soroti City on Harridas Road is set to be commissioned on 1st October this year.


The signature building is the first of its kind since Soroti was granted city status in July this year. Voice of Teso is the oldest radio station not only in Teso, but also in Eastern region.


The radio has been on air since 1998 and has grown from a municipal station to cover the entire Teso sub region and neighboring areas in the Eastern and Northern parts of Uganda as well. Currently, Voice of Teso studio is located on Plot 12 Central Avenue, Soroti. Recently, Mukula procured new state of the art equipment for his radio station to match up the demands of the new digital era. Apparently, Voice of Teso has one of the latest radio equipment and best studio in Eastern region. Since the net is pretty chaotic, with dozens of aggregators and formats, here is Teso's veteran but revamped soundscape to explore.

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